What does Seraf offer for customization?

Seraf allows users to customize many aspects of their account to best suit their needs. Here are some ways to do so whether you subscribe to our deal flow platform or just to our portfolio management platform:

Deal Flow Management (Enterprise only)

Portfolio Management

  • Upload your logo to white label reports. Enterprise Fund customers can upload logos for each fund or for the entire account, while other Enterprise customers can upload a logo to represent the entire enterprise group account. This logo will carry through to your Account Statements and Updates by replacing the default Seraf logo. (Enterprise only)
  • Choose your currency to record entries using the currency of your choice for your entire account.
  • Customize many of the response fields within your account. At the bottom of each drop-down list of default options, there's an opportunity to add "New". For example on each company page, you can add custom new industries, new product / service types, new legal structures, new tax structures, new stages, new sales channels, and new governances. For contacts within a company record, you can add new roles, new gender and new race/ethnicity. At the round level, you can customize entries related to the investment process, including those for leadership, due diligence and co-investors. You can add new responses directly on screen or when using the import template and edit custom settings, when necessary.
  • Tailor your Dashboard and Documents display by choosing to hide overdue reports if you don't plan to save documents, such as Financial Statements or Investor Reports, related to your investments. 
  • Record custom Key Performance Indicators to track and measure what's most important to each company or your portfolio as a whole. (Enterprise only)
  • Customize the wording when you request KPIs from portfolio company KPI contacts to provide clarity about your request. (Enterprise only)
  • Add investment accounts for each investor to specify under which entity an investment was made. (Pro and Enterprise only)
  • Add your own message to investors when you activate investor accounts. Seraf provides default language which can be customized to include whatever you'd like to share with them about their account and online access. (Enterprise only)
  • Generate your own custom analysis using the Custom Analysis tab in Portfolio Analysis to drill down on what's most important to you. (Enterprise only)
  • Although Seraf provides many different types of reports for you, we understand that you might like to create your own. Therefore, we make it easy to export data from your account to use as the basis of your own fully customized report. You can export records to Excel, CSV or Word, depending on the scenario, so that you can easily access your investment data for further analysis or custom reporting.

If you find that with all this possible customization you still cannot capture all that you'd like to record, use the memo fields, available in most entry forms, to record extra details.

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